We provide the infrastructure for zero-emission mobility with EV-Box chargers.


Why Provide EV Chargers?
Yearly electricity consumption from passenger EVs, commercial EVs, and ebuses.

Source: BloombergNEF

Prepare For The Future:

Rapid Growth Requires Rapid Response

EV-mobility is rapidly gaining traction. Due to ever-improving battery technologies, and growing electric infrastructure, electric vehicles are more convenient and affordable than ever. According to BNEF’s annual forecast the total number of electric vehicles is predicted to make up about 32% of the world's fleet by 2040. 

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Attract New Customers

Differentiate Yourself In The Market

Whether you are a landlord looking to attract new tenants, a business owner looking to grow a new customer base, or a public facility, providing Electric Chargers will make you stand out so that EV-drivers will choose your facility over others. 


Of All GHG Emissions Come From Transportation


Of Transportation GHG Emissions From Light-Duty Vehicles

Be A Leader In Sustainability:

Reach Your Corporate Sustainability Goals And Be Force For Good

Providing EV chargers does not only give drivers access to cleaner, efficient and more sustainable mobility, it also opens up discussion. The more people see available EV-chargers, the more people will consider driving electric vehicles, advancing that infrastructure will help potential EV drivers in their decision. 

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